And that’s better than nothing. Now, maybe I wouldn’t have used the same words myself, but we should all be able to agree or disagree. Post by Alfred on Jun 26 th , , 5: First sounds of wind on Mars captured by InSight spacecraft. Also, the Rahbanis had to create that stule for Fairuz cause neither her personality nor her voice could handle the long songs. They want to attend her concertsto listen to oldies, and not to Ziad’s fantasies.

ma tez3al meni

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Post by samar on Jun 25 th, 2: You just have to read their artistic history.

I’d rather face the fuming crowds and say the truth for saying the truth mei way I know how than get applause for being diplomatic and therefore lying Petit Ourson, “taisez-vous et soit belle” mon petit.

Post by Fletchy on Jun 27 th, 8: Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the tez3ao powered by Disqus. I guess you never believed that a die hard fan could really take that thick layer off his eyes and see things the way they really are However, whoever knows Al Soumbati’s work knows that when he composes to Umm Kulthum he’s someone, whereas when he composes for all the others, he’s someone else.

Fletchy stop playing it as if 3am tefteti7 abweb 3aka no one is stopping u from talking Gazans defy violent response to their attempts to end Israeli blockade.


I know how crazy about her you are, but your way in love fazeee3a!!!

Key & BPM for Albik Law Dak by Shady Farah | Tunebat

It sets her apart and it was for her and their own good. I’m too humble for that ; Oh but just so you wouldn’t go later on and accuse me of something else, I single handedly had another Fayrouz site I think that you’re one of the people who dont deserve to listen to these new songs. I have just some incidents that prove that Fairouz does have a choice and opinion in regard of what she sings from Ziad’s workm and that she’s not obliged to do so and that she doesnt sing what Ziad wants her to singon the contrary SHE shocks him with what she sings Unfortunately i dont have any physical proof of what i’m gonna show, but im sure many of you already know these facts.

ma tez3al meni

I simply cut off every single fayrouzy I don’t like opera much, but I can’t say that opera music is doun el ja. Post by Fletchy on Jun 27 th, 3: There are independent Arab female artists; I know one for sure Fayrouz heard it on sawt el cha3b and liked it Post by Alfred on Jun 25 th, 1: Ma tkhabbiss ya khayyi!

Updated 07 December Unfortunately, each thought that they could strive alone, but the truth is that what they survived because what they created together was extraordinary. As much as we would want more out of her, I think she’s giving us what she can give.


ma tez3al meni

Post by Jorje on Jun 26 th, After all, those years were undoubtfully her golden years. Post by Alfred on Jun 26 th, 5: Yes, Fairouz was more dependent than other singers, but this dependence was dictated by her marriage to Assi; all for her best, akid.

Post by Jorje on Jun 22 nd, 2: I am one of those who started and managed the best site of fayrouz It’s a wrong wrong thing to generalize neni Fletchy and to emni that one’s opinion prevails.

ma tez3al meni

Add to this her advanced age, one can’t expect much from her anymore. Also, the Rahbanis had to create that stule for Fairuz cause neither her personality nor her voice could handle the long songs.

Why does it seem that Fletchy is one camp, and everybody else is in another; and Fletchy, why are you feeding this whole debate?

You can credit Fairuz mz complete submission to the will of Assi, and after Assi, her son because he’s just her son. Melhem Baraket did a very good job in it.