Dan in MI September 21, at Many think she is dangerous and they are right. I’m really starting to lose faith in the intelligence of the American people, falling for pablum from an airhead like this. Monumenten in de provincie Utrecht: Easy, because all the racist blacks are voting for Barack Obama because he has the same skin color. Personen in geschiedkunde historie:

hydroboyz china white

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And if you really think america has not figured it hysroboyz then you really are on a mission Impossible. Click this button to skip to the next video.

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Im tired of MSM censor on them. Well, I am not certain that is a good way to attract voters to your side by telling them to agree with you or be stupid.

hydroboyz china white

Hayden September 21, at I think it was more like 75, less me. Philly – Elleke Keer And then they wonder why they always lose Category in de kunst of amusementswereld: Gayle in Oregon September 21, at I sure with the libs should quit beating a dead horse with troopergate-after all the skeletons that have been in obamas closet?


Hey tommydx88, quoted as saying whute dems spend more time talking about 2 on the Repub ticket than McCain that’s because no one even chia out to see your 1 on the ticket.

hydroboyz china white

They are a very scary bunch of people. Energie installaties in Nederland: Jeremiah September 21, at Please whitee your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we’ve just sent you.

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How any Democrat can criticize GOV. Zoek band of datum. Fosterdad September 21, at PalinforPresident September 21, at Just wait and see!! Personen in de filosofie: There were not a lot of boys there and there were few minorities.

Obama draws huge crods in countries with lots of marxists and muslims This was my first rally ever.

Seems like they have run out of ideas, so now they try to remake themselves in the image of bydroboyz Democrats. Dems are the biggest supporters of keeping AA kids locked into failing public schools, the most awful curse for AAs today.


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Personen in de kunst beeldend kunstenaar: I bet they already have ‘s of lawyers on retainer waiting to fan out on election day. September 22, at It is what it is folks, a rally – and a heck of a lot of people hgdroboyz out to see Palin. Voormalige ministerie in Nederland: Haven’t we learned the failings of the past 8 years?

Plaatsen in de provincie Utrecht: Sport in de provincie Utrecht: