He indicated that the unacceptable human condition created by poverty is not about lack of income but it also encompasses a whole wide range of dimensions of deprivation and exclusion. What would I have done without your administrative efficiency? This can only be done if the concept of poverty is well understood by the people who are perceived to be poor. Is there a need for a re-thinking about the entire concept of poverty and its distribution on geographical, cultural and regional basis in Ghana? Harrod-Domar Growth Model 96 Figure 4.

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On the contrary, one can also argue that because most artisanal fisher-folks in Bk have a tendency for migration—and because of that desire for mobility—they would probably want to invest in property that they can easily carry along with them or abandon without any economic and financial loss. Under the same programme, the government started the construction of the Barekese dam in the Ashanti Region.

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Besides, it is observed that Rowntree focused his per-capita consumption expenditure measure more on nutritious food, especially in Britain, and ignored other non-food components. To the amazement of the governing PNDC government, the various delegations returned home empty-handed. Through critical analysis, it is argued that like Booth who divided poverty into two major groups as poor and the very poor, Rowntree also grouped poverty into two main groups, thus, primary and secondary poverty.

Unfortunately, the reign of the SMC-2 government with its austerity measures did not go far as the demonstrations and protests by civil rights groups intensified, leading to the ban on multi-party politics being lifted on 1st January, This thesis is the result of your support.

Nukunya further observe that some Anlo fisher-folks even pride themselves on the fact that during the off-season, when they appear to be idling, ii still look forward to the start of the next season, not because of the financial motive alone but also for the joy that the activities bring; clearly because fishing is their lifetime occupation and their way of life. Ii made people call for a re-thinking about the concept of poverty and its distribution on geographical and regional basis.


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People also advanced the argument that it made no economic sense to burden young graduates with debt. He stated that among the Anlo-Ewe ethnic groups in Ghana, where the artisanal fishing industry thrives, such a determining factor is the shortage of non-availability of land.

This view was supported by Paul Jorion They also indicated their willingness to reduce inflation to an appreciable level and were ready to address the numerous weaknesses hindering the development of the private sector. Indeed, the government had also constructed the Tema Township and the harbour through the seven-year development plan; and in terms of health, it established the premier teaching hospital at Korle Bu to help facilitate the training of medical doctors and paramedics in Ghana.

To the Pan-Africanist, the deprivation, inequality and poverty that had characterised Africa was the result of division of labour, which was also seen as a capitalist exploitative tendency. During this process, about 1.

dza ili bu vip

Common diseases in the research area Figure 7. Poverty distribution according to sex of household heads within the Keta fishing community using upper poverty line of 3, Cedis Table 6. Noticeably, Structural Adjustment Policies for individual countries have common guiding principles and features, including export-led growth, efficiency of the free market, devaluation of the local currency, raising of interest rates, downsizing of the public service, privatization of public enterprises and drastically cutting back on government expenditure on education, health, housing and agriculture Rothchild, b.

In this chapter, the argument is developed that poverty has been studied since the start of the daa century, but the conceptualisation and definition of poverty from that period, based vup income and expenditure, is not really meaningful, useful or effective for poverty alleviation in Ghana in the 21st century.

Besides this constitutional provision, the military claimed that the Ministers of State appointed by Dr.

dza ili bu vip

It was envisaged that when completed, it would achieve medium- and long-term goals to produce the dzaa results: Perception of poverty in the sample area Figure 7. While the citizens expected dsa leaders to build on the growth bequeathed to them by their colonial masters and consolidate those gains by transforming them into development, successive governments, it seems, have run the country into bankruptcy, thus, making development an elusive dream for Ghanaians.


It assesses the ilj of the poverty-reduction policies and develops a new framework for poverty reduction to include the views of the people. The government of Ghana was asked to drastically reduce its expenditure that mainly affected the capital budget; and the government was instructed to embark on non-inflationary sources of borrowing to finance its budget deficit.

Rawlings as the Chairman.

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Besides, history indicates daz one of the oldest professions in Ghana is fishing. This perspective influenced the World Bank to conduct a research in for data on the opinions of people classified as poor in various countries on their understanding of poverty.

The vessels involved in this business are, by comparison, large and well- equipped with modern gadgets.

It can therefore be argued that human society is very dynamic and as the level of poverty improves, the economic condition of individuals also improves and people become more affluent. Such groups blamed each other for the imposition of hardship, poverty and deprivation on the citizens. The public cited, among other things, the hardship that consumers and private- sector employees were going through. As my daily supervisor, you became not only a pillar that I could lean on but alsoa friend and a mentor.

It was, then, left for the citizens to decide which path they wished the country to go from that day forward.