You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. It is the year I need it to be, okay? He can see the entire bullpen from there. Alexis Castle Penny Johnson Jerald You have any idea where he went that night? Now, is it possible for you to tell me where you were on July 30, ? And then when he didn’t show up, I got worried.

castle s06e20

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What happened that night? Buried under concrete, no less.

castle s06e20

Sir, given his fixation with the ’70s, we cxstle that this would be an opportunity to let Harold Leone open up about his knowledge on Vincent Bianchi’s murder. II was driving all over the place looking for him, I I hit all of his old haunts.

That ’70s Show

Harold’s gonna realize that this is all fake! Now, why don’t you tell me who hired you? But seems the only role you want me to play is that of guest.

Ah, there’s the little lady.

Not if you, as ranking officer, order them to come to work dressed in s clothing. Well, actually, um I mean, have you ever seen a cop with an ass that fine? A man in his 30s with a penchant for pinkie rings and Panerai watches who mysteriously vanished in Your brother knew that Vince’s murder would trigger a mob war, so he used his access to concrete to make Vince disappear.


I was checking traffic cam footage near the morgue and found this. Head of czstle Bianchi crime family? I seen your picture in the papers. W what do you mean, Harold?

We cannot let that woman anywhere near our wedding. I will tell you why not.

The only ’70s outfit she had was her “Foxy Brown” Halloween costume. Edit Storyline When construction workers uncover a mobster’s body buried in concrete for 35 years, Castle s006e20 Beckett must try to talk to a fellow mafioso so stricken with grief that he lives as a recluse in a Seventies time-warp.

Give me a minute. Hey, Harold, what do you say we go take that statement?

Castle S06E20 FRENCH – Dailymotion Video

Frank Russo, one of his lieutenants. I can’t castoe up my connection, you dig? It had to be kept hush-hush. Frank Russo owned the club back then, and he owns it now. Well no, but So, all this mess, this ridiculous display and you have nothing to show for it?


castle s06e20

After everything we’ve already do unh-unh. It’s gonna match the bullets fired in the morgue. The owner snapped this picture cstle Frank and Vince the last known photo of Vince Bianchi. My mother is gonna come help us coordinate You’re doing this for your mother? You throwing a costume party out there?

“Castle” That ’70s Show (TV Episode ) – IMDb

At least in The Blue Butterfly, the period-themed sections were framed as a flashback. We’ll check out who owned the building back in ’78 – and who owns it now. Vince’s advisor, his consigliere.