Multiple interface and crash fixes Deinterlace selection is repaired Crashes when playing multi-channel tracks fixes Windows: Available in 2 colors: Help us keep the list up to date and submit new video software here. Apr 22, Please refer to this page for a full list of changes Version 1. And many more features New deinterlacing filter, including an Inverse Telecine algorithm.


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Rewritten linked segments and ordered chapter files support. No installation is required. Use of gcc 4.

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Completely new, single window interface: Sep 28, Various bugfixes: Feb 5, Download s: Jun 8, Version 1. Windows version supports now natively vlc-2.0.6-ain64.exe WMA Professional codec, as it didn’t work in the packaged version of 1.

VLC Media Player 3.


Oct 19, Audio Output: Reinstore right click subtitle menu to open a subtitle Fix saving the hotkeys in preferences Fix saving the audio volume on Win32, using DirectSound Fix play after drag’n drop Fix streaming options edition and scale parameter Stream out: Sep 23, Please refer to http: Multiple fixes for crashes and malfunctionning issues Qt Interface: Jun 22, Please refer to http: Review by Dreamer on Nov 2, Version: Support color conversion shaders in glsl on Android and iOS.


OpenGL ES optimized outputs.

Menus are deactivated in this release will come soon. Editions support in MKV. Fix vlc-2.0.6-win644.exe output behavior when the output device is plugged or unplugged during playback on Mac OS X Access: Rewritten video output core and modules, allowing subpicture blending in GPU.


Feb 9, Download s: Oct 23, Please refer to this page for a full list of changes Version 1. It may not contain the latest versions. Sep 26, Download s: Mac OS X Vlc-2.0.6-win64.xe new audio metadata format supported.

VLC Media Player (64bit) 2.2.6

New libVLC examples are available: Plugins will need to LoadLibrary explicitely. Higher samplerate, precision, live configuration in the core.

Use –list-special-files to include them back. It supports many new devices inputs, formats, metadata and improves most of the current ones, preparing for the next-gen codecs. Oct 31, Video outputs: How to record anything on your screen using th Rewritten support for images, including jpeg, png, xcf, bmp May 2, Please refer to this page for a full list of changes Version 1.