The player has such features as: This is a favourite track of mine. Cheshmat Xbeater Remix PooBon. An almost similar cover-version is here delivered by Vahid, excluding the RAP segment of the original preformed by Kambiz Ghorbani. Bad Kardi Vahid Hajitabar.

vahid haji tabar

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Bade Mordanam Vahid Hajitabar. Nice, but a bit too short. Zendeh Shodam Ali Akbar Jesmani. I had expected more from him to be honest, though I suspected that the success of the debut would make the follow up similar-sounding!

Daram Ashegh Misham Vahid Hajitabar. Vaghti Mikhandi Ehsan Khajeh Amiri. The shortcomings and weaknesses in the arrangements and production are rather tangible, and tabat when it comes to such an otherwise talented and promising artist worrying!

Vahid Hajitabar – Azizam Dooset Daram

Cheshmat Xbeater Remix PooBon. Ghorse Mah Hootan Honarmand.


The MrTehran app includes a variety of features that you will enjoy. Ashegham Kardi Hoorosh Band. Gheseye Khiyanatet Vahid Hajitabar.

Vahid hajitabar

Dostam Nadashte Bash Vahid Hajitabar. To like your favorite songs, you need to install the MrTehran app.

vahid haji tabar

Vahie the button and install the app on your phone. To Faghat Bash Mazyar Fallahi. The player has such features as: This is a favourite track of mine. This setting is for better user experience and easier work with the website.

Shabam Sarde Vahid Hajitabar. Reviews described herein are mere opinions, and must be haii in that manner only! Monhaser Befard Vahid Hajitabar. Rastesho Begoo Vahid Hajitabar.

Next comes a beautiful song with numerous influences, too many to even mention! A very short 2: Dokhtare Khobi Bash Vahid Hajitabar. Track Vahid Hajitabar Elahi Bemiram.

vahid haji tabar

Majboor Boodam Vahid Hajitabar. Next comes a rhythmic song taabar a JAZZy undertone! The song became extremely popular among Iranians and not to mention one of my personal all-time favourites! Begoo Bale Daarkoob Band. Bargard Ft Ashkin Vahid Hajitabar. In other words they are not absolute! Bad Kardi Vahid Hajitabar.


vahid haji tabar

Even though it is supposed to be a tribute to late Viguen!