A Kid Named Cudi. Smith, Troy December 4, The album is a complete departure from his previous projects, excluding WZRD , a collaborative effort which was his first venture into rock music. It was great it was different and I think that’s what he wanted. Someone, anyone, give me candy? It will NOT be a surprise album, so stay tuned! Rager Indicud Satellite Flight:

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I personally came into this album with absolutely no expectations based on past reviews, but was actually quite surprised. I hope hasn’t left Hip Hop behind because he gave it so much diversity, but he definitely put it aside for this album. Speedin’ is an uncomfortably internal album that’s a pleasurable listen. Log in to finish rating Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven.

The album, primarily produced by Cudi himself, was supported by two official singles”Confused! Retrieved 29 October Mescudi and Judge, co-produced by Patrick Reynolds.

Someone, anyone, give me candy? SBtH was also dedicated to anyone suffering from mental illness, so there’s a good bet Cudi used his creativity to express himself during kiv dark time. The album is a complete departure from his bullst projects, excluding WZRDa collaborative effort which was his first venture into rock music. Retrieved December 8, Its instrumental crawls menacingly with a psychedelic loopchugging acoustic guitar and low-end breakbeats.


Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven by Kid Cudi Reviews and Tracks – Metacritic

Kid Cudi’s new alternative rock album disappoints”. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heavn”. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven In my opinion the title, Speedin Bullet to Heaven, was a reference to the dark thoughts of self harm. The Journey to Mother Moon I love this album and think This album is best appreciated while tripping, if u don’t trip then thats on you don’t open your mind whatever.

Generally unfavorable tl – based on Ratings. See all 37 User Reviews. Alternative rock avant-garde lo-fi [1].

Retrieved 1 October I don’t know why everyone is hating on this album. The Bootleg Series, Vol. This album deserves a lot I don’t know why speedin bullet to heaven kid cudi is hating on this album. Retrieved from ” https: Kid Cudi is a concept artist when it comes to albums, so the title always has a layered meaning i. Jeremih Blasts Def Jam: In a way, he’s become the intrepid explorer that allows your Gambinos, Rauries, Travis Scotts or yes, even your Drakes to realize their potential beyond the constricts of rap’s orthodoxy.


Man on kdi Moon: Archived from the original on Chris – Christine and the Queens.

Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven

But then again, it seems more and more that such aspirations have now become the antithesis of everything that Kid Cudi seems to stand for. On April 9,American drummer Travis Barkerrevealed he was in the studio with Kid Cudi and praised ubllet upcoming album.

Retrieved December 10, Inspired by the s heavn music sceneCudi included commissioned skits featuring Mike Judge voicing the titular characters of his ’90s animated sitcom, Beavis and Butt-Head. The song harbors a meditative quality, with lyrics that have a contrast between downtrodden resignation and weary hope for the future as Cudi softly sings about manic depression.