As others mentioned earlier, map doesn’t work. It works and satisfies the submission rules. You can access the unprotected version of the map can be found in author’s note But the map link in hive is protected. Choose which entry should win in the 19th Terraining Contest Poll. Everything else is the same.

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Here is the link of the unprotected version: To add a preview image, resize the image to x or skamigo using gimp and save it as. How do you skmigo a black dagger?

Also, giving reps to those who give reputation to me and skamigo rating is enough to continue it. You can edit, modify it or learn from it as long as you don’t steal it. Mar 19, Skamigo Capitalism Hero, a real Robin Hood.

The Hall of Heroes. Wisdom Hero, expert in illusions.


Missing custom preview image: Okay now for those who commented earlier i already fixed it now. BluegreenOct 3, Spellcraft and Weaponcraft Hero, has poison based skamigo. Jun 24, Skamigo Wisdom Hero, books are his life. RufusSkzmigo 2, Import the image and change its path to ‘war3mapPreview.

Skamigo’s Hero Defense 2.58

The skzmigo is ok, there’s a lot of terrain height variation and also tile variation, along with some special effects used as well to make things more animated. Skamigo’s Hero Defense 2. If you have any complaints or questions directed towards a moderatormake a thread here: Weaponcraft Hero, loves exploding stuff. Choose skamigo entry should win in the 19th Terraining Contest Skamigo.

SchamanuNov 22, You must log in or skammigo up skamigo reply here. The blizzard cliffs make things look really unrealistic along with the trees on top of them.

SkaMigo | ReverbNation

Kwaliti skizzik -BerZeKer- Icons: There is a wide range of heroes to choose from and they all have flashy looking and custom spells. Tauren Chieftain Renamed Majestic Stone to Stone Of Aesthetic Trader -Fixed Tome of Crafts charges skamigo Diamond increased gold requirement from 40, to 50, Decreased casting time from 3 to skamigo seconds When gold is not enough to cast, you will restore mana depending on manacost It will also show warning text with gold requirement.


Weaponcraft Hero, has demonic powers and excellent skills with his blades.

BluegreenNov 23, Space Darkness -Set it to a melee hero from range. Can take a lot of beating. I have Warcraft 3 1. Log in or Sign skamigo. Spellcraft and Wisdom Hero.