This page was last edited on 10 October , at This book was first released in March , rapidly becoming a best seller inside the country. Being a traditional country, there are certain… Read more…. The novel best tries to shows bitter reality of Ancient Nepal where women have to suffer very much after the eradication of most evil practice Sati. In this Novel, the writer has described the story of the women named Tara who got married at the age of seven and become widow at the age of nine.

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Love the voice of achyut ghimire. I alwys wntd to read Nepali novel and wid much fluently nd beautifully s dis narrator did. This three hundred and ninety pages book will not let you get bored because of its length as the story, so beautifully written, keeps you hooked to it until the very end. Tara’s husband has to go for his studies to Serowhere he dies and Tara is bound to live her life as a seto dharti widow.

Being a traditional country, there are certain… Read more…. Nepal is a beautiful country rich dharri natural seto dharti well as cultural heritage. But irritating background music better to change those musics. Later on, her mother dies and she srto to take over all the responsibilities of the house.

She is a simple girl living in her village spending her time playing with other children of same village.


Actually, there is no listening version of seto dharti recent “madan puraskar” winning novel “Seto Dharti”. Best Hospitals in Kathmandu Seto Dharti is a novel written by Amar Neupane. Retrieved from dharit https: If your Network is Slow downloading may be error.

Bhuteko Bhaat or Fried Rice is one of the most popular lunch items in Nepal. While the story goes on, she gets married at the age of seven, the very age at which she does not even understand the meaning of marriage. Views Read Edit View history. We have prepared for you the top and seto dharti best news channels in Ddharti. The language of this book is in native Nepali. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A novel based on the story of the life of a nine year old child widow, Seto Dharti is written by a young Nepali novelist Seto dharti Neupane.

It is amazing how the writer being born as a male in a traditional and male dominated society of Nepal was capable of speaking seto dharti the hardships and feelings experienced by a widowed woman. Pages seto dharti import images to Wikidata. This only proves the imaginary and creative talent of the writer who, although being a male, was able to observe and understand the discrimination, hardships and the emotions of the widows in our country which is usually overlooked by most of the people including females.

At that time for full download use Download Managers. This story also portrays the pain of a child widow living her whole life without company.


Seto Dharti by Amar Neupane

It received Madan Puraskarwhich is the biggest literary award in Nepal. In this Novel, seto dharti writer has seto dharti the story of the women named Tara who got married at the age of seven and become widow at the age of nine.

Her life and the difficulties she experience in her journey of life is beautifully portrayed in the book. At her adult age, she leaves her father’s house and moves to Devghata religious place for Hindus.

Dilip Poudyal: Seto Dharti; A Novel of Tears

Bhuteko Bhaat with Chicken. You can listen other Novels on Shruti Sambeg. Standing proudly on the premises of Dattatreya Square in Bhaktapur, the temple of Dattatreya is believed to be constructed by… Read more…. The central character of the novel, as you can guess by now, is Tara, a nine year old widow who was married at the age of seven. Top News Channels in Nepal. She comes seto dharti from her husband’s home to her father’s home.