Very simple, follow the steps from this link Q: After you check what is blocking, you might need to reinstall but in different folder by redownloading the archive. Newer Post Older Post Home. Place here what you have in Settings. Originally Posted by sebatec.

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Place here what you have in Settings. After carefully reading and understanding of all that is written here, if you still have a problem with the launch of the program please fill out this form below before writing “Why not work for me?

Pixel bot – Palla by palavia

All Premium users with 6 months license can change their computers 2 times! Run first on VM, maybe its a Virus. Why my antivirus ” see this bot as virus “? I did, but its still not letting to run your app, tried with two palla by palavia emails. You have a button HELP for more details and must strictly follow all instructions and requirements for make all this working! Kill all pirates when ship is under attack. Even if you selected repair on spotyou have to just select the other option and select your revive hangarso it repairs 3 times on a spot and the 4th time it uses your hangar that’s onand warps your collecting hangar to there.


In the menu you must palla by palavia a hangar for reviving on Be Careful with number of times of reviving because you can lose your drones 4. What resolution is your screen monitor? Originally Posted by sebatec program internal com error after submitting an email required to registration. Automatic use PET for collecting. You can try to connect with smartphone hotspot or another connection, will work. Why it say that ” I am missing a DLL update “? Open your DO account with Google Chrome browser.

Premium version

If something gone palla by palavia, re-do all from the 1 step again!!! The time now is In menu you must select a hangar for reviving on Fast internet and a good computer because is laggy. Download from main page. Just place a new ship on a right place the left side of the rock on 5- 2 and the bot will find the the best way to wrap and move your collecting ship to the palladium field on a 5- 3!


Page 1 of Accept Group’s request How to run Palavia palla by palavia bot palladium and system requirements. This is a one unused ship which is best placed on the bottom of the fog on because there are least pirates.

RAR file under construction.

Delete all folders with the bot which you have. Set OFF ” Double-click to launch attack “!

How to run Palavia pixel-bot palladium

What “palla by palavia” can do: You need the Kronos portal or at least the bottom left ring from the portals alfa. Originally Posted by SoapArg! Revive if your ship is down.

First of all i would like to give my special thanks to palla by palavia for good ideas that’s why he will get unlimited version! This product have a free version but with limited functions, if you really want best functionality you need the premium version.