There are just too many, all with poor song variety from the first O2Jam generation. Do not abuse bugs to your benefit. Account ban for one 1 day 2nd offense: These email messages usually contain links that, when clicked, leads clients to what appears to be a trusted website, or which generates a pop-up window, and requests that clients enter confidential personal and financial information. Sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethically offensive language vulgarity. Account Deletion Use of O2 Jam for purposes other than gaming Using O2 Jam for unofficial marketing purposes Marketing, promotion, advertisement, or solicitations within the O2 Jam game or on the official website 1st offense: Account ban for three 3 days 3rd offense:

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This server is privately owned and operated with no commercial application or capital gain. You may not select the name with the following criteria: The admins are active and even post on this forum to announce big updates.

O2Jam Interval | Feel the New Rhythm | International Server

Account ban for three 3 days 3rd offense: Forms of Banishment In-game or community forums o2jam philippines private server may result in a pirvate hours 1 day to hours 1 week of game account and the associated forum account banishment at first offense, and permanent banishment of both game account and the associated forum account at second offense.

Their Facebook page is not very active, but Chinese speaking players seem to gather on O2Jupiter’s forums. We do philipoines record e-mail addresses of the visitors. Item Confiscation and Account ban for two 2 days 2nd offense: In some intense cases we reserve the right to ban any offender in any way including but not limited phillppines IP address banishment.


If you don’t mind the Chinese stuff and difficult setup, this has to be the best server for beginners and intermediate players alike.

Admins are slow to respond and the only GM is Happy, who’s active on Facebook.

Thus, there will not be any restoration. Despite the name, O2Perfect isn’t for “perfect” players. If you haven’t had any experience in VSRGs whatsoever, those servers are probably the best but you’ll be off to V3 or something rather quickly.

News and Server Update

Should an undiscovered bug be found, then reporting it is in yours and other users best interest and the first player to bring such a bug or exploit to our staff attention is subject to reward by the administrator. Use of site privae within or downloads constitute full compliance and agreement to any and all terms on and of this server. Picking your o2jam philippines private server server can be hard, especially with how many there are and the opinions people have about them.

Players should be wary of scams through phising. Notice of Legality Any information taken from or about this server and given to any corporation company, or any entity will violate the terms and agreements to this server.


This server is no longer updated and activity is low, but it’s extremely reliable and easy to set up. Any violation of these defined rules may result in legal action.

Players may not modify any part of the O2 Jam PH Client, server, or any part of the official website. Your questions will most likely be answered there. Players are not allowed to organize nor be a member of any pledges or groups within O2 Jam PH that are based on or espouse any racist, sexist, anti-religion, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate mongering philosophies.


You are responsible for maintaining the safety and confidentiality of your password. There’s being more serious for having abused the position and authority given to them by abusing the community trust. There will not be any restoration due to self negligence such as such as accidentally deleting or selling an o2jam philippines private server. This server may contain content which you do not agree to or may not understand.

Real Money Trading is not allowed to any degree or for any reason. O2Jam V3 is arguably the most social server in-game, although you’ll find a good chunk speak Tagalog or mediocre English.

Account Deletion Other offenses Relaying false information Spreading of false rumors about the Game, the Company and other players Event disruption Disruption in-game events by harassing participants and event facilitators Violation of other applicable laws Violation of any o2jam philippines private server, national, or international laws or regulations 1st offense: This server is good for any difficulty, even ET the best players.

I agree and acknowledged the rules above. I’ll add it when I have time, I’m tired. Item Confiscation and Account ban for four 4 days 3rd offense: Account Deletion Use of O2 Jam for purposes other than gaming Using O2 Jam for unofficial marketing purposes Marketing, promotion, advertisement, or solicitations within the O2 Jam game or on the official website 1st offense: Terms and Agreement You are responsible for any action that you take in use of this server.