Assalamu Alaikum shukran lakum, pls may i download shamilah in my phone? Download it from here: What are you trying to upload? Download this file manager Gigaget: Just use this link to download it: I relly like this website Shamila. It will use built in compass to locate Qiblah.

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You cannot add all types of pdf files to Shamila. And this is the upgrade: Plus, if you need individual books, you can always download them from: For fixing the language two steps are needed: There are at least two books having that phrase in their title.

But you can download and use maktagah on the desktop just like on other versions of Windows. Maktabah syamilah android Tholibul Ilmi 32 GB If a language problem comes up look at the previous comments in which I have discussed this multiple times.

As far as I know, there are no Urdu books sjamilah the Shamila. You maktabah syamilah android use the online version, though: I was explaining something for the brother who asked before you.


Maktabah Syamilah for Android | Dayah online library

There is no special edition of the Shamila for Windows 7. Can you please clarify what exactly is the problem? For Wine, you may Google how to add support for Arabic fonts. If it asks for the Windows 7 installation CD, insert it and restart.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

I need software with translation, if possible…… Shukran. Jazakallah khair for mentioning the software. Or using it online using this link: If you have problems with the display of the text, see this link: First download the Maktabah from this link: Androir seems that I need more time to download certain packages so I will give you the suggestion and you try it:.

However, what you download is compressed in a zip archive. You can actually run the maktabah nicely using crossover: I hope u will be fine by the grace of God… I have shamila after install i cant open…but 1file show crpt.

Well, just follow the steps described above to get what you asked for. Download it from this link: Brother look through ahdroid blog and you will find some Islamic java applications. If the app is not working try downloading it again from this link: For those having problems running the Maktiabah Shamilah in Windows 8, run it maktabah syamilah android compatibility mode.


You can prevent it from annoying you by adding the shamela. Other people have asked similar questions and I have tried to provide answers above.

In the zip file or after installation? Asalam ,i need a full version of Islamic maktabah syamilah android library Samilah. Furthermore, you should really think about makhabah having an extra books or so is really useful for you not. When you download it the file size is around 2 GB.

I would like to ask if there is aversion that can run in android smart phone or Android Tab or Ipad?