It is culturally so unacceptable! Radha’s love is an example of abandoning worldly affairs to love God Krishna. How much we all enjoyed when that Mile Sur mEra thumAra was relayed at regular intervals? His Gita Govinda is a work of Sanskrit love poetry and song, centered around its most famous components, 24 Ashtapadis songs with 8 couplets. Taking the palm leaves from Padmavati, He wrote the very words that Jayadeva had hesitated to write. I reference information freely available in the public domain.

jayadeva ashtapadi balamurali

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jayadeva ashtapadi by balamurali

Follow the “All Files: Like excellent ganjanam land-growing lotuses sthara kamalayour feet implied by next verse delight ranjanam balajurali mama heart hRdaya producing janita the pleasure of love raticolouring ranga another part para bhAgam.

Love the rhythm too. Anything outside the knowledge and acceptance of your critic, cannot be termed as gimmick or wrong. Me and a lot of like minded people were sad to read such criticism.

jayadeva ashtapadi balamurali

Whether your critic accepts wholeheartedly or not Balamuralikrishna is the rarest among the rare mahavidhwans of our period. Kashi Varanasi Year of Printing: You are commenting using your WordPress.


Of all the gopis the most devoted ashtqpadi Radharani, and these poems tell their story.

December 15, at 7: Atleast then with his mile sur mera ,the whole of India thought he was the most popular carnatic musician. The transition from suddha dhaivata to tara shadja, that wide gap is probably what contributes to the yearning, pining mood that finds distinctively in Vasanti.

jayadeva ashtapadi balamurali

He certainly lived a long life and more importantly his music touched many fresh blood rasikas. I stumbled into your blog and found to be delightful. When he was composing this song, the following verse came to his mind:.

And now after may be a month of listening daily in the morning for 20 min or so. Gave it ghazal listening up when I found my Urdu to be woefully inadequate.

March 23, at 5: Many in AIR requested him to re recordbut BMK just did not care and said “that is all you have got today” and asked the AIR team to just broadcast the imperfect recording.

The ten Divine Descends of God occupy a In this song, he cajoles and flatters her, displaying his own love, longing and passion for her. There is an interesting story associated ahstapadi this particular Ashtapadi.


I am new to your blog. The fan said that he would return the slippers and hoped that Balamurali would send some small item that he used.

Jayadeva aShTapadis (realaudio)

O my virtuous one! Please feel free to balamuralli. He is in great voice and this raga suits the mood of the song quite beautifully.

jayadeva ashtapadi balamurali

If yadi you say vadasi even api some small thing kinchidthe moonshine-like kaumudi beauty ruchi of your tava teeth danta steals away harati the very ati terrible ghOramfearful dara gloom timiram. Tagged as JayadevaO.

Jayadeva Ashtapadi – 1 || Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna || Sanskrit Devotional

It is a labour of love, such translations. February 9, at 9: It is like listening to my fav kishore. March 23, at 6: Pandit Batuk Nath Sharma, M.

Rati-manjari Kama-shastra with Hindi Translation Edition: