Yep, Color Finale is pretty good. Extensive and comprehensive control over the transition animation curves. I haven’t used any of the other apps mentioned but I’ve seen Autograde in action and it’s good at what it does. I think I’ll go with HyColour. Customise any of the looks in any way you want , or create your own awesome style from scratch with the amazingly powerful and versatile toolset. Instead of wheels, these controls are sliders, but the results are the same as with wheels.

hawaiki autograde

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Hawaiki AutoGrade

Magzter is among the Top 10 iOS Apps. Also included, Hawaiki Histogram provides an onscreen histogram tool for analysing either the entire frame or a selected area. There are media agencies. OUT NOW – Hawaiki AutoMatch is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use grading plug-in that allows you to create an automatic match between two different shots. Fast, easy and stunningly accurate, Hawaiki AutoMatch harnesses a powerful color matching algorithm with a complete and fully featured primary grading system.

Hawaiki – Plug-ins for Final Cut, Premiere, After Effects & Motion.

And if there’s anything you don’t like or think can be improved, don’t hesitate to let us know. Hawaiki Slice — a powerful new image analysis plug-in. Simply use the color-picker eye dropper and sample an area that should be white. Select enable and the overall color balance is corrected. AutoGrade is a deceptively powerful color corrector, hidden under a simple interface. See Our Podcasts on iTunes!


Final Cut Pro X AutoGrade Released by FxFactory prMac

As the name implies, AutoGrade is an automatic color correction tool designed to simplify and speed-up color correction. Watch his outstanding tutorial here. With simple-to-use menu-driven animation and fully customisable grid parametersAutoSplit harnesses a wealth of powerful automated processes to make your split screen animation projects much easier autogdade more enjoyable than ever before.

Extensive and comprehensive control over the transition animation curves.

hawaiki autograde

To try again, just uncheck Auto Balance, sample a different area, and then enable Auto Balance again. Powerful enough to satisfy the needs of the most experienced colorist. The price is very attractive, so AutoGrade is a superb tool hawauki have in your kit.

Customise any of the looks in any way you wantor create your own awesome style from scratch with the amazingly powerful and versatile hasaiki. Pixelmator Pro adds professional colo…. He’s been involved in motion graphics, sound design and mixing, music composition, visual effects and compositing, 3D modeling and animation, as well as writing, directing and producing. Home Press Releases Sign In.

hawaiki autograde

And now Hawaiki Color 1. I think I’ll go with HyColour.


Anyone have opinions on Hawaiki AutoGrade or HyColour Pro? : Apple Final Cut Pro X

A new advanced matte extraction algorithm does more of the heavy lifting for you – clearing the backing and preserving edges while also giving those who need it more fine-grained control. Simply turn on one or more desired parameters, sample the appropriate color s and enable Auto Balance. Download FxFactory for access to unlimited-time trial versions of all our products.

When you install AutoGrade, you get two plug-ins: Magzter is ranked among the Top 10 iO…. This tool will also raise or lower luma levels for the selected tonal range. At Hawaiki we provide elegant and full-featured solutions to common editing and compositing tasks – automating what can be automated, while also giving you the control to finesse the result when required – and at a price point that won’t break the bank. User-created looks can be saved as presets, so you can quickly apply complex settings to similar shots and set-ups.

hawaiki autograde

Each range includes a luma and three color offset controls.