The dependable operation of the infrastructure services of the architecture further enables to systematically control and configure some dependability attributes of application services. An implementation is then presented which schedules the evaluation of the continuous and discrete blocks in such a manner that the reconfiguration steps are safely and efficiently realized and the resulting code is suited to hard real-time systems. The interpreter was initially presented in [5]. However, the current checking covers only an abstraction of the employed Realtime Statechart semantics cf. Graphical object-oriented languages can help in creating more maintainable code, while also providing better means to ensure correctness.

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Ignore the fixing of the path. Tichy, Matthias; Giese, Holger In order to keep this survey focused, we restrict our attention here to fujaba and tools for the visual fujaba development of software intensive systems with focus on safety issues and integration of engineering concepts.

In this paper, we describe a component template plugin for the Fujaba Real-Time Tool Suite which has been especially tailored to support faulttolerance templates such as triple modular redundancy. The composition of these patterns to describe the fujaba component behavior and the overall system behavior is prescribed by a rigorous syntactic definition which guarantees that the fujaba of component and system behavior can exploit the results of the verification of individual patterns.

Getting started with activity diagrams. The proposed mechanisms are widely used within the Fujaba Tool Suite. In this paper, we extend our fault tolerance pattern approach with additional visual degradation rules. Technical Report fujabaGiese, Holger Fkjaba therefore present a pattern-based approach for fujwba design of service-based systems which enables self-managing capabilities by reusing proven fault tolerance techniques in form of Fault Tolerance Patterns.


Me and Artjom will provide here some screencasts and missing documentation to work with Fujaba4Eclipse: However, such dynamic data structures which are sources for unpredictable run-time timing behavior are traditionally not recommended for the development of hard real-time systems. During run-time the same restrictions are at first used to automatically map additional services on suitable nodes.

For the specification fujaba syntactical fujaba rules we provide a built-in formalism based on graph grammars.

Fujaba therefore propose hybrid components and a related hybrid Statechart extension for the Unified Modeling Fujaba UMLit is to support the design of self-optimizing mechatronic systems by allowing specification fujaba the necessary flexible reconfiguration of the system as well as of its hybrid subsystems fujaba a modular manner. Therefore, flexible means to store, query, and manipulate such context information are required.

In addition, engineers from different disciplines, namely mechanical, electrical and software engineering, have to cooperate. However, the current checking covers fjjaba an abstraction of the employed Realtime Statechart semantics cf.

Using this declarative specification formalism, we focus on the efficient execution of the transformation rules and present our approach to achieve an incremental model transformation for synchronization purposes.

Fujaba – From UML to Java and Back Again

Changing dujaba memory of the Fujaba virtual machine. However, the CASE fujaba support for service-based architectures and especially later process phases addressed with component and deployment diagrams is rather limited. Save as new ctr-version. The current technology is to use block diagrams including fujaba blocks with statecharts for the fujaba and verification of such systems. We present an extension of ROOM that further facilitates service-based design and permits the independent validation of components for such a design style.


Models have to support a complex, distributed system structure.

fujaba |

I took over two sessions of the Software Engineering Lecture: Ideally, starting with the platform independent model, the platform specific model serves only as an intermediate artifact which is derived automatically, and will finally fujaba in a set fujaba threads whose fujaba guarantee the behavior, specified in the platform independent model. Activity diagram modeling in lecture for Study Right with Assignments. The correctness of these patterns can be verified individually because they have only simple communication behavior and have only a fixed number of participating roles.

fujaba Additionally, we present our approach for worst case execution times estimation to predict software behavior in the time domain. The dependable operation of the infrastructure services of the architecture further enables to systematically control and configure some fujaba attributes fuujaba application services. Finally, we present a first evaluation of the developed architecture and its dynamic control of dependability.

FUJABA – What does FUJABA stand for? The Free Dictionary

For master students we offer courses on model-driven software engineering and on software fujzba for embedded systems and self-adaptive systems. Such systems will therefore include complex hard real-time fujaba at the network level. The language is fujaba geared for event-driven transformations of data structures.

For better process support, the employed tools may be organized within a tool suite or integration platform, e.