A railway booking counter functions near the samadhi to help devotees book tickets. Artistes of the All India Radio are given priority on the basis of their grade. You are the protector of the surrendered devotees. His smiling face is pretty. Your tresses shine like a swarm of bees.

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You delightfully sport in the forms of Vishnu,Siva and other Gods.

January 14, Visitors can buy food, music CDs and books from the stalls put up near the samadhi. The red streak on his divine forehead is glittering. Upcoming artistes get an opportunity every three years.

Even the sages,devoid of desires or inertia realise their inability to applaud his greatness perfectly,stood dumbfounded at the sight of the lord gracing the couch. The celestial singers Tumburu and Narada dorakuna ituvanti seva singing mellifluously, Sage Ambarisha and other ascetics are chanting his sacred name showering jasmine flowers.

Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva Lyrics – Sankarabharanam () – K Viswanath

Dorakuna ituvanti seva the best of learned ascetics and demi-gods get this opportunity,even after performing penance. Some are swinging the deity in sevva couch while their diamond necklaces are dangling. Tyagaraja the son of Ramabrahmam is singing melodiously,swinging the couch.


He is indeed repository of beauty on the earth. Groups of beautiful dancers with red lips and black tresses dance gracefully.

Rows of his nails on feet are shining like crescent moon. You are iyuvanti present in the five elements namely space,air,fire,waterand earth. You are the consort of King Rama belonging to Kakuthsa dynasty. You fullfil desires in this and transcendental worlds. Upcoming artistes are selected for singing at the Aradhana based on their performance. O Vydehi the redeemer of the fallen,please bestow constant devotion to your lotus feet. The precious anklets and his dorqkuna studded ornaments are sparkling.

Dorakuna ituvanti seva…

You are the epitome of the entire cosmos. O Rama,Tyagaraja worships you. A railway booking counter functions near the samadhi to help devotees book tickets.

He says that she protects all in this and transcendental world.

Please enlighten me in detail. O Rama the embodiment of the Supreme conciousness, which is conducive to attain salvation? Preparations begin sevw months before the Aradhana festival and the selection of artistes for singing during the Ituvantu is an important task.


O supreme conciousness,please listen. He is above desires. October 18, Nearly 1, to 1, artistes perform during the Aradhana festival every year. Artistes of dorakuna ituvanti seva All India Radio are given priority on the basis of their grade.

Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva Lyrics – Sankarabharanam

He is the divine manifestation of Supreme Conscience. You are the eternal witness of the entire cosmos. The Sri Thyagabrahma Mahotsava Sabha has unfailingly made arrangements for the annual festival year after year. Did you not bring up your children affectionately?