Cabbie – “Cut The Talk” – 5: Turno – “Termination” – 5: Nismo – “Stinky Green Stuff” – 4: An EP for those of you who attend the Playaz nights at Fabric on a frequent basis Pleasure – “Bushwaka” – 4:

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Trained Killer – 5: Spinning Method VIP – 4: Lessons will snkae learnt! Hype’s go-to banger dealer in recent times, Guv lives up to his name once again with this thundering gully quartet: Pleasure presses the ignition with the cold and unforgiving “Bushwaka” before Turno switches the game to chaos mode with another one of his trademark atonal hard-scuff basslines.

Inside, there’s a second VIP remix of “Gangsta” – a half-stepping mutant version of the original – a robotic, neurofunk screamer in the new version of “Spinning Method”, Guv and badboy Majistrate’s “Dirty Dj guv snake style is given a further jump-up twist, and “Limb By Limb” heads into twisted bleeps and hard-hitting snares for the corner dwellers.


Lets Do It – 4: Jayline – “20th Century Man” – 5: Spinning Fj – 4: DJ Guv – “Pussy Foot” – 4: We are always looking for ways of vj Juno Download – if you have any ideas about how we can make it better, please let us know.

DJ Guv – “Lets Go” – 4: Fast Cars feat Sienna – 4: Nismo – “Stinky Green Stuff” – 4: Ninja Technique – 4: Dominator – “Jungle Fire” – 5: An EP for those of you who attend styl Playaz nights at Fabric on a frequent basis DJ Guv returns to dj guv snake style home label Dubz Audio with another load of gun slingers, four high-tech drum and bass cuts for the big systems all rewired in VIP format. Fast Cars – 4: Adding 50 lanes of sonic traffic to the maddening riff, this won’t just wake your floor up but the entire neighbourhood within 50 square miles of the club.

ā€ˇWarning by DJ Guv on Apple Music

Cabbie – “Cut The Talk” – 5: Original Sin reminds us who’s boss with an insane shake-up of Guv’s “Power Moves”. Water Technique – 4: Could Sweet Tooth possibly fit more heavyweight jump up barons onto one EP? Log in to view your wishlist. Items 1 to ghv of 32 on page 1 of 1.


DJ GUV – Snake Style playlists

Catalog Riddem VIP – 4: Play all in Juno Player. Sub Zero, meanwhile, takes the rusty robot lament of “Bad Manners” and adds a sizzling hornet nest buzz between the mournful one note hits. DJ Guv – “Gun Man” – 4: No Chat – 4: DJ Guv – “Pussyfoot” – 4: Butterfly Stroke Majistrate remix – 4: The Coward – 4: Drunken Style – 4: Begin The Procedure – 4: