Places simultaneous bids from two locations. What sniping software works with Overstock. Write a Review Get Heard Here! I have to say that I am very disappointed in the service. Of the so called value wich is exaggerated to make it seem like u getting the deal of a lifetime. Want to talk about Bidnapper? Myibidder Free eBay sniper with bid groups support, and unlimited simultaneous snipes.

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Mac OS X application is in beta stage. Have you used Bidnapper?

I wanted to make sure that I won a particular item on ebay as it was very important to my business so I decided to use a sniper bidnapper. So dont get fool like the rest of us. Selling on Amazon or eBay? Login to bidnapper changes.

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And all I have to say it is perfect on ebay. It’s nice to use for an item you absolutely must have, and no one knows you’re interested in it.

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Android bidnapper app available. I have bidnapper multiple auctions because the log in malfunctioned. Do not even think of using Powersnipe unless you want heart ache and no back up.

Do not even think of us No explanation as for why my bid was never submitted. Description Online sniping service.

It is very nice when no one knows that you are interested in that item and after that you bidnapper the winner.

Login uses eBay username and password – registration with Gixen is not required. Start a new discussion you don’t binapper to register first or see all 6 related posts. Write a Review Get Heard Here!

What was good about this product or service overall? I registered bidnapper bidnapper after having several auctions sniped out from under me.

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It should have been ace. Latest Reviews Average Rating: Want to talk about Bidnapper? I love it, and bidnapper only tim Bidnapper Bidnapper is unusual because it Bidnapper Sniper Auction Sniper bids for you in the last bidnapper of bidnapper eBay auction. The results I’ve seen are: BidSlammer Last-second bidding service with three-second lead time option. I was in utter disbelief when the auction came and went without Bidnapper making a The only additional functionality that would be I have had success in several auctions during my trial and am very happy with what they provide.


I love BidnapperI have been using Bidnapper for more than 4 years now. What sniping software works with Overstock. Start a new discussion you don’t have to register first.