Implemented new installers for Xvid and VobSub. Improved total RAM detection log file. Xvid updated to version 1. Removed or replaced some log data file names, paths in the interest of preserving users privacy. Added a new “Log” tab for displaying the progress of the reencoding.

avi recomp 1.5.1

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Some graphical cosmetic changes in the GUI. New Portuguese translation thanks to Oscar R. New “User Data” editor. Improved the preview generating process.

Serious bug when recompressing recompp with size larger than 4 GB.

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Existing target files were deleted in some circumstances. LAME encoder updated to version 3. Incorrect black borders sizes in the preview launched from Cropping and Resize Tools windows. Minor bugs in the Help file.

From now on the ‘keep ratio’ option will keep current aspect ratio instead of original source AR. Remaining “Audio 1” and “Audio 2” eecomp after adding a job to the queue with reset settings activated.


avi recomp 1.5.1

Improved Black Borders module. Added a new “Log” tab for displaying the progress of the reencoding. Changed names of some temporary file names.

Added VobSub installation checkup. Incorrect position of some coefficients in custom matrix tables.

avi recomp 1.5.1

Added a Volume level adjustment tool to the Audio Conversion Module. New feature for creating custom subtitle presets.

AVI ReComp 1.5.1

Added ffdshow installation checkup. Improved the behaviour of “Up”, “Down” and “Delete” buttons from the “Queue” tab.

Duplication of links or content is strictly prohibited. Some GUI changes and improvements. Many source code improvements.

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Added a small splash screen to appear while loading very large files. Added some new balloon hints tooltips. Reomp are now disabled when the “Stay on top” option is activated.

avi recomp 1.5.1

Apr 18, [changed] Lame encoder updated to version 3. The maximum value for logo alpha blending was instead of Updated some of the external libraries. Black borders not allowed warning for AR lower or equal 4: Opening the window with the list of translators caused an unexpected language change.


Default mp3 encoding mode changed to VBR.

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Implemented some additional protections against an invalid final resolution. Translation module changes and improvements. Implemented new installers for Xvid and VobSub.